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The ASHT project has now closed please refer to the European Chemical Emergency Network project for further information

The Alerting, Reporting and Surveillance System for Chemical Health Threats Phase III (ASHTIII) is a part EU funded (60%) collaborative research project that started in June 2012 for 30 months and is co-ordinated by Public Health England (formerly the Health Protection Agency) 

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ASHTIII seeks to further develop the functionality and sustainability of the Rapid Alerting System for Chemical Health Threats (RAS-CHEM) and promote the use and implementation of the system amongst EU Member States. The project seeks to understand and address the gaps in the risk communication, assessment and management of chemical incidents that were identified in past EU-funded health security projects.






Recent Updates

  • New Toxicological Resources Added
  • Presentations from EAPCCT Congress Added

Coming Up

Next Project Event: Final Project Meeting October 2014. If you would like to attend please contact [email protected]